Fans of Weird Tales Love Salt ‘n’ Pepper Books

book cover shows a young woman in a long skirt holding a lantern outside a cabin at night in mist

These real people did not believe in ghosts. Until the house was haunted. The dead returned. Can they make peace with the spirits? 

A teen moves with his family into a haunted house. Dead family members visit and speak.  A hard-boiled lawyer travels on an adventure with three mystical beings. A boy suffers frightening contact within a haunted hotel in Salem. A professional real estate appraiser finds strange evidence in his photographs of one particular house. A family discovers a history of murder in their new home.

Unearthly creatures and fairy folk roam villages in the Carpathian mountains. From across the USA and from old world Europe, real people, many of them former skeptics, share their supernatural experiences in entertaining, spooky stories. This collection contains 14 astonishing true stories of mysterious paranormal happenings, as told to the authors by eyewitnesses.

Is there an explanation for these strange occurrences? 

Now a Series!

Now, MORE True Tales of Ghosts and Weird Encounters: 15 tales of hauntings, poltergeists, UFO sightings, Sasquatch, and more mystery, plus bonus notes.

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