Author Sylvie wants you to know…

young woman with medium length brown hair with blonde highlights wearing a houndstooth check brown capelet, glasses and black dress carrying books stands in a white doorway with a draperied window behind

Sylvie Vadimsky has done extensive scholarship regarding Arthurian legends, and the Sherlock Holmes canon, and has always loved fantasy and science fiction.

A lifelong writer, Sylvie enjoys live streaming, gaming, and costume conventions and fairs–all things current, or super old.

Book cover of The Good Queen's Daughter, a young woman's back, with long hair, in a long purple flowered dress holding a basket with flowers and a dagger, adventures out into the woods, facing a blue and green unicorn, a giant scaly blue face with green eyes in the smoky blue and purple mist, a sun star and crescent moon above. The ground is a series of large rock slabs or steps and road heading to a body of water.
The Good Queen’s Daughter is an Arthurian legend fantasy available in all formats including audio.