June Seas

Meet the author

I have worked as a lawyer, a teacher and as a Children’s Librarian in a small town public library. I participated in the inaugural Master Ecologists program at Duke Farms. I have a wide world of interests and hobbies and love to share them with young and old.

With lots of family support!

Did you love summers most of all? I spent the summer reading outdoors. My activity was walking to the bookmobile where I read all the books, for any age; or bicycling to the school library. 

I wanted to write children’s books since I learned to read. As a child I wrote a child’s poetry. In third grade I organized friends to start a newspaper. As an adult, I read their favorites to my children, and wrote and advocated in my professions. Maturing as a lawyer, I developed the work ethic to complete many thousands of words daily, which has benefited my productivity as a writer.

Now I write what I love for my nephew and the children I’ve met at the library, and for the little girl I am inside, who could not get enough of the books she liked to read.

I would love to hear from you about what you would like to see in children’s books!

Email: seasjune@gmail.com

Twitter: Sea Spicer@juneseas

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