Discover More Ghosts in the Movies

Some of our ghost stories are available to stream in the Ghosts of Somerville movie series and G.O.S.tV series on YouTube.

The Ghosts of Somerville series interview witnesses of local hauntings and local paranormal investigators and psychic experts.

G.O.S.tV Episode 8: Haunted Library! See the real library from More True Tales of Ghosts, and which inspired The Look of Things – Mystery of the Haunted Library, on YouTube

In “Mrs. Micks”, a man remembers his teen years living in a haunted house. Mrs. Micks hosted cats and so does the narrator’s family, who observe odd happenings. Was it wise to contact her spirit?

Read about Mrs. Micks in True Tales of Ghosts. Find the film, now available to stream FREE on Tubi.

Read about the Old Dutch Parsonage hauntings, The Haunted Library, and Manhattan Smith and the Great Train Wreck in More True Tales of Ghosts and Weird Encounters.