a red VW car on a dark and snowy night meets a giant book and a tablet with headphones, text on book cover is More True Tales of Ghosts and Weird Encounters
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Book cover, Tales from The monoverse, dark grey building at the corner, white letters bleeding into red
Tales from the Monoverse – A Last Waltz Anthology of short stories, including “Gray Area” by C. L. Vadimsky
Tales from the Monoverse
Book cover shows a lot of blue butterflies touching down or taking off on a dirt and stones ground with two white mushrooms springing, on a background of dark blue night in the woods, with rain or snow in distance.

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Now on Film!

Ghosts of Somerville – Mrs. Micks, a film based on one of the True Tales of Ghosts

Ghosts of Somerville – Old Dutch Parsonage, a film source for the story “Old Dutch”, in More True Tales of Ghosts

G.O.S.tV Episode 1: The Great Train Wreck, the eyewitness account of the story “Manhattan Smith” in More True Tales of Ghosts

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