A snowy winter forest at night, with decorated gingerbread cookies falling like snowflakes, and a tablet displaying a Nutcracker soldier dressed in red, purple, green and gold, with a brown mustache and hair, before a sparkling blue Christmas tree with swirls of color, and two wrapped gift boxes in purple and green with silver ribbon; a large gray mouse stands atop a box looking at the nutcracker
Nutcracker Rich, told in four episodes now on Kindle Vella

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  • fantasy,
  • mystery,
  • history,
  • weird and gothic tales,
  • romance,
  • faith,
  • family,
  • science,
  • nature and the environment?
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Nutcracker Rich

June Seas On Kindle Vella

The Look Of Things – Mystery of the Haunted Library

on Kindle Vella

True Tales of Ghosts
Legendary Fairy Tales, Reimagined in Chapters
girl with long hair seen from the back in a flowered dress carrying a basket with a knife that looks like a sword, approaches a forest and a dark blue unicorn, and confronting them is giant image of a blue scaled blue eyed creature
The Good Queen’s Daughter, An Arthurian Legend Fantasy

Now on Film!

Ghosts of Somerville – Mrs. Micks, a film based on one of the True Tales of Ghosts


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