a dark library with shelves of books climbing on right and left on either side of a glowing white window before which circles a black wrought iron staircase and in front, a blue misty book cover The Look of Things, Mystery of the Haunted Library
Is there a ghost girl in the library?

Let’s read!

Do you love

  • fantasy,
  • mystery,
  • history,
  • weird and gothic tales,
  • romance,
  • faith,
  • family,
  • science,
  • nature and the environment?
We do too!

Find your new year reading!

Nutcracker Rich
Nutcracker Rich on Kindle Vella
The Look Of Things – Mystery of the Haunted Library
The Look of Things on Kindle Vella

True Tales of Ghosts
Legendary Fairy Tales, Reimagined in Chapters
girl with long hair seen from the back in a flowered dress carrying a basket with a knife that looks like a sword, approaches a forest and a dark blue unicorn, and confronting them is giant image of a blue scaled blue eyed creature
The Good Queen’s Daughter, An Arthurian Legend Fantasy

Now on Film!

Ghosts of Somerville – Mrs. Micks, a film based on one of the True Tales of Ghosts


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